RESPOND Deliverables:

D1.1Pilot technical characterization and operation scenariosFeníe Energía
D1.2Demand response programs overviewNuigDownload Available
D1.3RESPOND strategy to support interoperabilityIMPDownload Available
D1.4Pilot specific demand response strategyTeknikerDownload Available
D2.1RESPOND system reference architectureTeknikerDownload Available
D2.2Integration of key RESPOND technology tiersDEXMADownload Available
D2.3Initial deployment planDevelcoDownload Available
D2.4Early deployment activities reportEnergomonitorDownload Available
D2.5Deployment of RESPOND cloud-based
D3.1Criteria and framework for recruiting and WP3
Danish Building Research Institute (SBi) at AAUDownload Available
D3.2RESPOND user engagement strategyDanish Building Research Institute (SBi) at AAU
D3.3 Findings and recommendations from
focus groups on user context
Danish Building Research Institute (SBi) at AAU
D3.4 Personal energy
performance assistant
Tekniker Download Available
D4.1.Semantic information modelTekniker Download Available
D4.2.Demand response optimisation modelIMP
D4.3.Optimal energy dispatching at neighbourhood levelIMPDownload Available
D4.4.Predictive energy production and demand algorithmsTekniker
D4.5.Energy data analysis report and proactive energy use guideTekniker
D5.1.Energy gateway for home automation interoperabilityIMPDownload Available
D5.2.RESPOND connectivity to smart grid servicesIMPDownload Available
D5.3.RESPOND Middleware deploymentIMP
D5.4.Desktop dashboard and smart mobile clientDEXMADownload Available
D5.5.Data protection and securityIMP
D6.1.RESPOND validation methodologyNUIG
D6.2.Validation analysis of operation scenariosNUIG
D6.3.User engagement assessmentDanish Building Research Institute (SBi) at AAU
D6.4.RESPOND replication planFeníe Energía
D6.5.Best practices and lessons learntNUIG
D7.1.Dissemination and communication planDEXMADownload Available
D7.2.RESPOND dissemination and project website (Preliminary)DEXMADownload Available
D7.3.RESPOND business modelFeníe Energía
D7.4.Data life cycle management policy (Preliminary)Feníe Energía
D7.5.Best practices exchange strategyAURA Radgivning AS
D7.6.Plan for exploitation and IPR managementAURA Radgivning AS
D7.7.Data life cycle management policy (Final)Feníe Energía
D7.8.RESPOND dissemination and project website (Final)DEXMADownload Available
D8.1.Quality Assurance PlanFeníe Energía
D8.2.Management report (first year)Feníe Energía
D8.3.Management report (second year)Feníe Energía
D8.4.Management report (third year)Feníe Energía
D8.5.Final Public Project ReportFeníe Energía

RESPOND Publications:

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