Personal energy performance assistant version 1.16 released

The version 1.16 of the personal energy performance assistant App has been released in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The changes from the 1.15 version are:

  • New graphic added in “Home” section showing the comparison between the home consumption and other neighbours’ consumptions. There is data available only for Aarhus pilot.

Respond app consumption

  • Energy prices graphic in Madrid adapted to show better hourly prices including 0€ prices.

respond energy price

  • Separation of Energy demand and production forecasting graphics to avoid differences in ranges that hide the lowest range curve.
  • Demand forecast updated with the last consumption trends in Aran pilot.
  • Some minor bugs fixed and aesthetic changes.

Additionally, notifications for several use cases in the three pilots have been added or updated, although it is not necessary to update the App to receive these new notifications.

Please, note that if you update the App it is not necessary to re-enter the user and password. If you deinstall the App and install the new version, you must re-enter the user and password provided.

We remind you that the app is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

RESPOND Google Play and Apple Store4

If you are an Android user, a version 6 or greater and a minimum of 45 MB free storage is required.

In order to install the RESPOND App, you find it by searching “RESPOND” in Google Play.

Or you can use this link:


RESPOND Google Play and Apple StoreIf you are an Apple user (iPhone or iPad) your operating system should be iOS 12.1 or greater and you must have at least 75 MB of storage free.

You can find the App in the Apple Store by searching “RESPOND”. Depending on the country where you are, obtained results could be different.

If you don’t find it, you can use this link:

In case you find any bug or you want to add some extra functionalities, please contact TeknikerFrancisco Diez or Gonzalo Gil.



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