Meet the Madrid Pilot Site

The third pilot site is located in an urban area near to Madrid city centre. This city of 3,2 million inhabitants in the centre area and more than 6 million including the metropolitan area enjoys a mainland Mediterranean weather with soft winters and few rainfalls. As country’s capital, it is modern and dynamic city with strong presence of services and industries.  

The three buildings of the pilot located in Costa Rica 17-19-21 accommodate a sum of 69 individual households, each of them with its individual consumptions of electricity and gas along with the energy demand related with the shared areas of the place.

Respond Project Team - Madrid Pilot

Regarding the electricity consumption, there are 77 consumption monitoring points, 8 being for common uses (parking, shared areas lighting, elevators, etc.) with an average consumption of 165 MWh/year, and 69 for dwellings with a total amount of 215 MWh/year of demand. On the other hand, there is a single gas consumption monitoring point for common use (heating system central boiler) with an average of 1198 MWh/year and 13 neighbors consuming gas for household use (cooking) with an average global consumption of 12 MWh/year.

Taking into account the common services of the building, there exist a parking with lightning and fire prevention system, doorman office, swimming pool with pump and electric heating system, elevators and shared areas lightning. In addition, each individual dwelling has electric air conditioning, central gas heating system, and lightning, home appliances and electric kitchen. Furthermore, a few dwellings are consuming gas for household use, instead of the electric appliances.

Fenie Energía, as the pilot coordinator, have taken care of the installation of Energomonitor’s devices in 11 dwellings and 5 common areas along with the installation of a new thermos solar system in the roof of the highest building to study the change of DHW consumption habits when generation forecasts inputs available.

The devices deployed in each individual dwelling are:

For the energy management, RESPOND platform have been deployed to receive consumption as inputs, perform optimization taking into account several factors like climate, forecast, energy prices, etc. while keeping user comfort, and finally undertake proper control actions on the actuating devices.