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RESPOND in the News: Spanish Media Share Insights thanks to Project Coordination by Fenie Energia

Last week our project coordinator, Fenie Energia, worked with Spanish media in order to expand the news about RESPOND. After our first offsite meeting – where all project partners meet in Aran Islands during 2 days to coordinate technical details… Read More »

Respond will participate in Digital Energy Event in Madrid

RESPOND Events: Digital Energy 2018, 31st May, Madrid [Spain]

We are proud to announce that RESPOND Project will be participating to the Digital Energy 2018. This event, organised by Energetica21, a leading energy industry news and events independent actor, will be held in Madrid next 31st May, 2018.  Thanks to… Read More »

What is Interoperability in the context of Demand Response?

Recent advances in wireless networking and microelectronic fabrication have enabled a mass production of low-cost computationally capable miniature devices that are already changing the way we live and communicate having the profound impact on our daily life. With such large… Read More »

Demand Response - Understanding what it is and how ESCOs and Utilities will use it

Understanding Demand Response

It is well known that peak demands have a negative impact on energy grid capital, operational cost and environmental aspects. This is mainly due to the need of utilities to deploy additional plants to address these peak demands. DR solutions… Read More »

RESPOND in the News: Energy Supply

Project RESPOND has been featured in an article by Energy Supply. Energy Supply DK is a part of Nordic Media A / S, an online media that covers the energy sector, which is one of Denmark’s largest industries and at… Read More »

Project RESPOND energiwatch

RESPOND in the News: EnergiWatch

RESPOND Project has been featured in an article by EnergiWatch, a Danish media outlet that delivers independent journalism about the energy and utilities industry. The article (in Danish) is available here. Stay tuned and check our latest NEWS!

RESPOND aarhus pilot site

Meet the RESPOND Pilot Sites: Aarhus

The Aarhus pilot site consists of 20 terraced houses that belong to the Danish housing association ALBOA, the second largest housing association in the city. ALBOA manages approximately 7,000 homes for families, the elderly, disabled and young people. They also rent… Read More »

Demand Response Market Snapshot: US vs. Europe

The past years have seen the demand response market grow worldwide – a trend that is expected to continue and accelerate. Global research firms expect the demand response market to grow to $9.7 billion by 2023, with the “enabling technologies”… Read More »

Demand-Side Management vs. Demand Response

What is Demand-Side Management? Profound changes are disrupting the energy industry, bringing about new challenges for utilities, system operators and governments around the world: balancing intermittent generation, integrating renewables to meet climate goals, covering peak demand with increased flexibility. These… Read More »

RESPOND consortium

Project News: RESPOND Kicks Off in Brussels

From 18-19 October 2017, the first official kick-off meeting was held in Brussels to launch the EU-funded project RESPOND: Integrated Demand Response Solution Towards Energy Positive Neighbourhoods. RESPOND aims to deliver a cost effective, cooperative demand response solution to different types… Read More »