RESPOND Google Play and Apple Store4

Personal energy performance assistant version 1.13 released

A stable version of the personal energy performance assistant has been released in Google Play and Apple Store markets.                             After the revision done by the three pilot… Read More »

How the utility-customer relationship is changing

How the utility-customer relationship is changing

In a world that has arrived to the current situation of a climatic change alert, in where the majority agents of the society are aligned, at least theoretically, and agree on the fact that it’s time to make a change in… Read More »

Energy production forecasting

Energy production forecasting as a driving concept for demand response

With the aim of preserving our planet and nature, great amount of research is focused on increasing energy savings, especially the one extracted from the fossil fuels. Thus, there is a tendency of increasing the share of renewable energy production… Read More »

energy for utilities

Utilities becoming more customer-centric

Consumer requirements on utilities are far different than on most other industries because the services offered are considered more and more as a basic commodity. Several studies reveal that what the utility customers wants is simple and transparent services. Utilities… Read More »


RESPOND Events: We were at ETSI IoT Week 2019

  Our Partner Iker Esnaola from TEKNIKER, participated in the ETSI IoT Week 2019 that took place from 21-25 October 2019 in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France. Iker presented the RESPOND Project features to IoT experts from all over the world.… Read More »


RESPOND Events: We were at the ECEEE Summer Study 2019

Our Partner from Aalborg University (AAU), participated in the * ECEEE Summer Study 2019 – Is efficient sufficient? – from the 3rd to 8th of June 2019, in France. Enter ECEEE website, login to your member account and access our… Read More »

residential houses Demand Response

Optimising the energy demand of neighbourhoods under DR umbrella

Given that contemporary urban life is showing a clear trend of accelerating, everyday tasks are slowly but surely becoming a burden for all of us. From rising in the early morning, showering, teeth brushing, clothes selection, driving, coping with morning… Read More »

Building & IoT data in Demand Response

Integrating Building and IoT data in Demand Response solutions

Last 19th to 21st of June, our Partner Tekniker, represented by Iker Esnaola-Gonzalez and Francisco Javier Diez, participated in the LDAC2019 – 7th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop. They got the opportunity to present RESPOND project and published… Read More »


Project News: Devices deployed at the Aran Pilot Site

Devices deployed at the Aran Pilot Site: a lot of work has been underway in the Aran Islands in the last few months, and the pilot now has 13 houses signed up to the project, with more to come. The… Read More »


RESPOND Events: RESPOND was at Sustainable Places 2019

RESPOND participated in the Sustainable Places 2019 for the second year in a row! We were very excited to have the opportunity to spread the word about our project. If you want more information on the event please go to: SP2019.… Read More »