Personal energy performance assistant version 1.13 released

A stable version of the personal energy performance assistant has been released in Google Play and Apple Store markets.

RESPOND Google Play and Apple Store1             RESPOND Google Play and Apple Store1              RESPOND Google Play and Apple Store1

After the revision done by the three pilot site coordinators of the RESPOND project, some issues have been corrected and now the App is more stable and ready to use by the people involved in the three pilots: Aarhus, Aran and Madrid.

The App shows an intuitive and easy to use interface so that participant dwellers can use it without any previous information required. Furthermore, the displayed content is customized to the devices and equipment installed in each pilot site and household, therefore, the user will be able to easily identify what is each data that they see in the App.

The App is available in the three languages that correspond to the three pilot sites: English, Spanish and Danish. The App uses the language that is setup in the smartphone by default, so dwellers are not required to select the language.

In order to log in the App, a username and the corresponding password need to be introduced. The pilot site coordinators will facilitate these credentials to each user involved in the project. A unique username has been created for each household. However, if users need different credentials for other people that live in the household, these credentials can be requested to Tekniker, which is the partner that developed the personal energy performance assistant.

The app is available for Android and iOS operating systems. If you are an Android user, a version 6 or greater and a minimum of 45 MB free storage is required. In order to install the RESPOND App, you find it by searching “RESPOND” in Google Play.

RESPOND Google Play and Apple Store4


Or you can use this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ik4Tekniker.Respond

If you are an Apple user (iPhone or iPad) your operating system should be iOS 12.1 or greater and you must have at least 75 MB of storage free. You can find the App in the Apple Store by searching “RESPOND”. Depending on the country where you are, obtained results could be different.

RESPOND Google Play and Apple Store

If you don’t find it, you can use this link:


In case you find any bug or you want to add some extra functionalities, please contact Francisco Javier Díez from Tekniker at Francisco.diez@tekniker.es .

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