RESPOND in the News: Energy Supply

Project RESPOND has been featured in an article by Energy Supply. Energy Supply DK is a part of Nordic Media A / S, an online media that covers the energy sector, which is one of Denmark’s largest industries and at the same time an industry in rapid development and change.

The energy sector includes the traditional supply of electricity and heat, including CHP plants, power companies, heat supplies, natural gas companies, biogas companies, etc. However, a very significant industry supplies to the energy sector at home and abroad. This applies, inter alia, to wind turbine industry, where Denmark has a leading role, but also a number of other significant suppliers to the energy sector at home and abroad.

Energy Supply was opened in June 2009. Now 10,605 key individuals in the energy sector will hear about RESPOND via their daily newsletter.

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Meet the Aarhus Pilot Sites

The Aarhus pilot site consists of 20 terraced houses that belong to the Danish housing association ALBOA, the second largest housing association in the city. ALBOA manages approximately 7,000 homes for families, the elderly, disabled and young people. They also rent out a number of institutions and business leases.

The RESPOND pilot site works with residential houses. All the terraced houses are part of the local ALBOA department ‘Vejlby Vest’, which is located in the urban area of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city. Aarhus has a total population of around 320,000 as well as a very high level of district heating.

The terraced houses from Vejlby Vest were selected because they are of a certain size, which means that they are typically rented by families with a considerable energy consumption. At the same time, it is the type of housing that is best-suited for implementing control and measurement equipment from a technical perspective.

Vejby Vest also has a solar cell plant that produces 620 KWp. Currently, approximately 25% of the energy produced from this solar energy plant is sold back to the grid. If Vejlby Vest could exploit the solar energy themselves, this would have an economic gain worth more than 26,000 EUR. This will benefit all residents in Vejlby Vest. In addition, a better utilisation of solar energy promotes the use of renewables and reduces grid load. 

RESPOND aarhus pilot site